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Road Towards Official Release
Apr 09, 2019 - 8:55 AM - by Nozemi
I believe the poll concludes it. Unless we figure out something (more) clever. We'll not make a super huge thing of the official launch. We'll just start advertising the server and make an effort in getting new players here.

This will happen after I replace the current server and client with the new one. Which still is a solid amount of work away, but most of the work is easy (for a developer), but tedious.

Which means there won't be any tweak to the current progress. The current progress will remain after the replacing of the current server.

We'll also start planning/designing a content proposal that we will show everyone before we implement stuff, to make sure everything is tweaked and adjusted in a way that the majority of the community would like.

Read below if you want to peak the preview of the server that will replace the current one.

I've posted a couple not so organized announcements recently. However, I'm organizing our repositories and adding "issues" along with milestones. These lists are publicly available for everyone.

Beta Server Client Download - Join the testing of the new server! - If you want to, hit me up on Discord, and I might get on along with you and fix things on the fly while you test!

Road to Offical Release
First of all, we're finishing the Dodianifying of the new server, making sure it's working nicely (follow progress here). However, we need to improve on the all around QoL of the project.

I want to make a few changes to the website, as it is currently lacking a lot in terms of QoL.

Server To-Do:
- [Started] Item Bonuses
- [Started] NPC Stats (attack speeds, bonuses, max hits, combat, health etc)
- [Started] NPC Drops
- [Started] Server Core (make sure it's stable and functioning)
- [Completed] Slayer Plugin
- [Completed] Thieving Plugin
- [Not Started] Magic Plugin (combat related)
- [Not Started] Agility Plugin
- [Not Started] Fishing Plugin
- [Not Started] Cooking Plugin
- [Not Started] Firemaking Plugin
- [Not Started] Herblore Plugin
- [Completed] Mining Plugin
- [Not Started] Smithing Plugin
- [Completed] Woodcutting Plugin
- [Not Started] RuneCrafting Plugin
- [Not Started] Fletching Plugin
- [Not Started] Crafting Plugin
- [Completed] Red Key Dungeon Plugin
- [Completed] Orange Key Dungeon Plugin
- [Not Started] Legends Guild Plugin
- [Not Started] Lottery Plugin (a lottery system)
- [Not Started] Drop Party Plugin (utilize party room at Seers)
- [Completed] Shops - Will be replaced with something else soon after release.

Even though this list seems very long and like a lot of work, we've done most of the code already. It's just a matter of converting it to plugins, and adding the Dodian-configs (XP rates, rewards etc).

Website Plans:
- [Not Started] Buying premium from website, and auto-upgrade (currently not working, so is handled manually by Artur)
- [Not Started] Character management system
- [Not Started] Countdown functionality, so we can neatly show when something is happening on the website.
- [Not Started] Highscores - Accounts created after official launch (more details later)


Behind the scene QoL:
We're going to start porting the content into plugins (as most content is already made working on the new server). This plugin system is beneficial because it allows us to make changes without restarting the server.

I've also added commands to reload things like NPC drops, spawns, item bonuses etc without restarting the server.

While this isn't very noticeable for you as a player, it will enable us to make hotfixes more frequently. As restarting the server is inconvenient, that involves relogging, which is no fun for anyone!

Useful Links:
Below are some links that will show the plans we have, that are official. I've started organizing it again, and will try to keep them up to date as we progress.

Main Server (Core):

- Slayer milestones

Will keep this thread updated!
21 Replies | 690 Views
Official Beta
Apr 08, 2019 - 9:16 AM - by Nozemi
I update the beta server to use my latest work. I noticed that there are a couple of bugs within the core itself.

The content will be added using plugins, which means we don't really have to restart the server at all to add new content (unless it involves changes in the server's core).

Current there is a slayer and thieving plugin. Those are not finished, but the slayer one is very close to finished. The thieving one is just lacking configuration for stalls and NPCs.

If you want to get on, use the beta client found in the previous announcement! Report any bugs to me on Discord, or in this thread.

We're making progress towards an official release. I expect the server to be ready for official release in not too long, but it will still take some time to prepare for the release. There are other things that needs to be done before as well.

Good thing is; I will have a week or so of vacation, starting the coming weekend. So I hope to get a lot done during that week of vacation.
3 Replies | 142 Views
Official Beta
Mar 31, 2019 - 7:41 AM - by Nozemi
We're now launching the official beta, however, there are (almost) no drops on the NPCs, (a lot of the) xp rates are incorrect and a few other things.

Download the beta client here! It now also downloads the cache from the website!

I'm working on a new way to implement functionality, this way will let us change all of this easily, without restarting the server.

NOTE! I've dumped all of your characters from the current live server. However the progress you make on this beta won't count. So if you want to keep your grind going, please do so on the live server.

This beta isn't as smooth as I'd hope it'd be by now, because I spent a lot of time writing some backend stuff to help us further develop and maintain the server. You'll probably notice this once I push those changes live, I however have to convert all the skills and content to use the plugin system before I can do so. Realistically I should be able to piece that together by the coming Friday.

I hope that we can get these drops added shortly! I'm kinda waiting for someone else to do them, but if I have to, I'll gladly add them myself soon.

Please message me on Discord, reply here or post in the #server-issues channel on Discord about problems you discover!

I won't make any promises, but I'm feeling confident about an official launch within the next two months. By then we should have finished the server, fixed a lot of the issues all around, with website etc.

We're (slowly) making solid progress towards something actually worth advertising! I'm excited for the future of our project, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!
5 Replies | 242 Views
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