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  2. Another Update!

    Hell yeah! This posting of news and stuff seems a bit weird. Like who the fuck is our audience? But oh well, it's nice to have the posts from the very beginning to look back on later.
  3. Another Update!

    We just out here trying to clean up the streets before we make this amazing stadium. Ya feel?
  4. Another Update!

    I've been putting some of my spare time into developing on this project. There are however quite a bit to do. The development is kind of divided into five parts; Server, Client (should be good), Discord Bot, Forums & Player Functionality (highscores etc), Admin/Mod CP. My time is a bit limited, so juggling between the five "categories" is kinda hard. However, I've been preparing the server so it authenticates using the forum account. I've also changed around the loading of NPC and item definitions, so that they're stored in MySQL, rather than JSON. So the server itself is ready to start planning/adding the content, testing it, and correcting potential bugs. For the coming hours I put into the project, I will mainly be focusing on creating the tools that is absolutely necessary for the staff members to maintain the server. Which means the basic functionality of the Admin/Mod CP. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on that, and I have no ETA. When the necessary tools are done, I'm going to focus on the forum-side of things, like implementing highscores and other features that the website should have. While doing that, me and @Zkiller will try to do as much content as we can, and plan as well as we can. This announcement is just to keep you in the loop of where we are, and telling you that we're actually still working on Exorth. Once we get to the content creation stage, we'll likely share screenshots and other media from the progress. That should be more interesting than me talking about backend functionality that most people will never have to deal with anyway.
  5. Status Update!

    Me too! I've been putting whatever time I could spare each day into the server. We're about to start adding NPCs actually. So it's about now we will find all the (potential) game-breaking bugs. Hopefully there aren't a lot of those. Looks very promising so far.
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  7. Status Update!

    Looking forward to this :).
  8. Status Update!

    On my end of the bargain, I've been working on setting up the content for when things are up. This would include all NPCs for shops, killing, etc. and setting up the shops with restocking times. Also including any premium related content and anything else for that matter. If anyone wants to see anything specific on launch, then post here or message me and we'll consider it.
  9. Status Update!

    Hello! I thought I should update you. We've not made a lot of progress. The only developer we currently have is myself. However, we have picked a base, and we're going to be changing stuff around in that, to make our version of Exorth. This won't exactly be a remake. I don't exactly remember Exorth, for the simple fact that I wasn't around then. Credits and what not around the base will come later. We will probably add a page here, on the site, for credits. Some people have done some great work before us, some people will probably be doing a lot of great work in the future as well (at least if everything goes as we hope). Details around how the server will be, what you can find, what you can expect and so on, will come at a later point. Currently, we haven't done enough planning to release any details about the server itself. However, I can say that we'll be trying to make something unique, something that works well. There is no deadlines or ETAs what so ever. Not even a promise that something worthy will get out. However, despite no promise from me, I'm not the only one running this project. Also I enjoy developing, and I'm quite sure we will get something worthy out. Hope to see you around!
  10. <3 Always a pleasure. Good luck with this! I'm interested.
  11. Zkiller's Introduction To Exorth 4015 TTH

    Thanks bbgurl
  12. Zkiller's Introduction To Exorth 4015 TTH

    What's up QT, good luck with this :).
  13. Nozemi's Introduction - Let's Kick This Off!

    I love you. Goodluck with this Noz.
  14. Zkiller's Introduction To Exorth 4015 TTH

    You're excused. I don't have selfie(s) up on min either.
  15. Zkiller's Introduction To Exorth 4015 TTH

    I copy and pasta from my dating profile... Lol jk. Asshole... haha
  16. Zkiller's Introduction To Exorth 4015 TTH

    Where the selfies at? That's probably the only thing missing here! ^^
  17. Hey, it's Z. Zkiller. That's right. Don't adjust your... what ever device you're reading this on. It's me, live and in text format. No return engagements, no encore. And this time absolutely no requests (other than from Noz, Night, Matt, my girlfriend, or my son). Get a snack. Settle in. 'Cause I'm about to tell you the story of my life. I own Exorth.com and am assisting to the best of my abilities with the developers on making Exorth great again (if you haven't caught on, there's probably going to be a lot of dumb "dad" jokes). I've worked in IT as a troubleshooter and lead fixer-upper for many different areas of the IT industry for 3+ years. My specialties are in hardware/software: Apple Microsoft Dell HP Networking (linksys, ubuntu access point, modem and router advance configs, etc.) Java server/client local fixes (client resizing for high resolution, cache connection issues, and many more) and many other things that I can't remember atm. I've owned a few websites before and worked with HTML5 and PHP for these. I was nowhere near "good", but I'm not foreign to website development. I haven't worked on a RuneScape PS in such a long time, so many things in the development area for the server are foggy, but I can work my way around to do soft development like adding NPCs, changing drops, and a lot of basic content editing/addition. I currently work as a Mechanical Engineer (construction) apprentice and going into my senior year for my Bachelor's degree (got my Associates in ME too). Let me know if you want to know more about me and I'll gladly answer (as long as I like your face). How do I... Say goodbye... To what we had? The good times, that made us laugh... ^^ And that's my outtie to this introduction.
  18. So you're interested in knowing more about me? Well, I'm some geek from Norway. Programming is my passion, more specifically do I develop websites for a living. When I'm not at work, I tend to still do programming. What I program depends what I want to do, and what I want to learn. When I'm not programming, I'm either lurking on the computer, watching TV shows (need to watch more of them...), driving or sleeping. Which means I'm usually around and reachable. Now, considering I'm an admin and a developer here on Exorth, you may be interested in my experience. I'll add a list below: I'm Comfortable With: Apache (Web Server), Linux (Ubuntu/Cent OS), MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and (S)CSS. I can also do some GFX and I feel comfortable enough with Java to hack together some Java stuff.
  19. Welcome to Exorth!

    I'm currently working on getting this forum up and running smoothly. Getting them nicely looking, and generally just making it all good around the website end of things. As well as integrating this with Discord (bot) and what not. I'm aiming for a smooth integration between Website <-> Server <-> Discord. Hopefully, it will all be consistent, smooth, easy to use and nice! At least, it'll be an attempt to do something not many private servers have done before us. I'm also aiming to complete my own forum software. That however will take shitload of time. A beta could potentially be released at a later point. The users end of my forum software is close to done. Which means, all I really have to do is make a integration between SlickBoard (my forum software) and IPB. That way users can post/read/browse the site from my forum software, while administrating happens from IPB. Well, those who prefer can of course use IPB over my forum software. You might say this a lot of this stuff will be overkill for RSPS. While that is true, programming is also my passion. I consider this fun and will be doing this to have fun, while I get more experience and learn new things. I hope that we can actually get this project up, succeed. Become a big and loving community, that has fun together.
  20. Rules

    Official Rules (Last update: 02/24/2018) As staff of Exorth, we reserve the right to remove you from the community if we feel you are a negative influence or have negative effect on the community. All accounts are property of Exorth. Language Any language considered offensive towards a certain person or Exorth is not allowed. Use of an auto-typer is allowed, messages must be sent 10 seconds apart or it will be considered as spam. Posts containing irrelevant context will be suspect to pruning, and will be considered as spam. Cheating (Unfair advantage) Any use of any external application or modification to our gameclient in order to gain an advantage is strictly prohibited. Any bug that is found should be reported, bug abuse is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to bypass the restriction of trading alts will be seen as bug abuse. Respect Any attempt to impersonate another member (especially staff members) is prohibited. Any attempt to fool another member in intent of gaining money or items is strictly prohibited. Advertising any website, service, or community is strictly prohibited. You should respect all members of the Exorth community at all times, we have a very low tolerance for members who do not care about the community. Real world trading You may NOT trade any real world item(s) for any item(s), or account(s) and vice versa. You may NOT trade any RuneScape item(s), or account(s) for Exorth account(s) or item(s). Punishment Conditions Punishments are also determined based on the situation of the offense. Language based infractions are likely to result in warnings for first time offense, however on consecutive infractions you will likely receive a mute lasting 24-48 hours or longer. Cheating based infractions will result in a permanent gameserver account ban, consecutive infractions will result in a global ban. Failure to follow the respect rule will likely result in a warning for first time offense, however on consecutive infractions you will likely be muted, or banned. RWT based infractions will likely result in a mute for first time offense, however on consecutive infractions you will likely receive a ban.
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