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New Server Alpha!
Feb 26, 2019 - 12:48 PM - by Nozemi
I believe it's time for a more formal and public update. I'm working on the new source, and it's currently ready for an alpha stage. There is a lot of content missing for it to be actual Dodian. However, with your help, we can start making a backlog I can work through and get things in shape.

You can download this temporary client here, if you want to be a part of testing and shaping this new Dodian server.

Probably worth noting that we have no intentions of moving away from what makes Dodian what it is, we just feel like we should polish what we already have. Currently Dodian feels very random and out of place. We want to make an attempt on making things a bit more consistent.

In the meantime, play as usual on the current live server. We're not planning to reset that, but some people don't agree with this decision. There are good arguments for and against, so we might be forced to revisit that discussion at a later point. However, we've made a promise not to reset, so it will take quite a bit to change that. But of course, the majority of the community will have the final say in what we do and don't.

There will be public backlogs, where you can view what we are and will work on, as well as what we have completed.

- Server:
- Client:
- Website:

The last link is a portal that I will be making once the server has come along and is closer to release, or even released. That portal will be where admins, mods and players manages the server, where your user rights decides what you can do.

In time, we'll also be replacing the vBulletin website, with something a bit more modern and more stable. An example of why we will be doing that is; currently there is a problem with the premium payment, so we're manually handling that. The reason is that vBulletin 3 no longer supports PayPal's APIs. I could probably fix vBulletin to support it, but I'd rather not to be honest.

The premium issue in particular will probably be getting a solution in this portal system, where you can manage your in-game account(s) etc.
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Improving The Gameplay
Feb 16, 2019 - 2:22 PM - by Nozemi
EDIT: You're now able to reply to this thread. So please do when you can find the time!

So I'm thinking about joining the team, bringing my own ideas and actually making them happen. However, it would need to be something that the community actually want to see, otherwise I'm not going to bother.

I have two problems with Dodian, mainly that is. The end game content kind of sucks, always has (maybe always will). The bossing is kind of useless, because the same people always keeps afk-ing the bosses, so no one else can kill them.

(Potential) Boss Solution:
So this is in no way a new idea, it has been brought up before. We could have a system where you'd have to defeat guards or finish some kind of mini-quest before you proceed to kill the boss. Upon each kill, you're teleported away, either to the entrance or to home. By doing this, we'd not be able to run around and kill every boss all the time, because we simply wouldn't have the time.

Secondly, we could add a new kind of drop system, for certain (or all) bosses. Where each player participating in the kill would have a chance at getting a drop.

There could also be co-op bosses, which would require multiple players to kill them. Which certainly should give each player a chance at a reward.

A (Potential) Late Game Improvement:
So what do we do once we reach our desired 99s? Nothing! There's nothing left to be doing, other than grinding for that bank. Why would we do that? Because we're bored, but after a while, even that is more boring than looking into a wall.

So what if we introduced prestige for skills, where you'd get X bonus and/or benefit, depending on the skill? Which of course would come along with a highscore system that supports this kind of thing.
5 Replies | 412 Views
Server launch
Feb 13, 2019 - 7:02 PM - by Artur
I know many of you have been waiting for Exorth to relaunch,
Beta is now ONLINE
Beta will remain up until we feel we're ready to launch
Please report anything you find while playing the server!
Join our discord if you haven't already
14 Replies | 596 Views
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