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Mid April Update

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Mid April Update

Hey all,

We're working on the quality of life (QoL) around the server a bit from time to time. We're trying to put as much spare time as we can spare into Exorth, to get this thing going. We've made a decent progress towards good management of the server.

We've mostly been working on tools that helps us, as staff, to maintain the quality of the server, and efficiently solving players problems. This would involve heavy API work on our Mod and AdminCP, Discord and forum integration, and some other misc topics behind that.

In terms of the server, we have done some interface work and other misc. work.

We are currently planning out the finer details of content for the server. There's discussion for custom areas. Premium is also being discussed on which direction we want to take that. Another topic is to integrate an optional theme for the forums.

Any input on these topics is welcome. We're all ears while we set the foundation for everything.

* Just as a foot note, we don't have any dates on anything and don't plan to until we have a beta ready. These updates will only be to keep everyone in the loop.

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