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I'm currently working on getting this forum up and running smoothly. Getting them nicely looking, and generally just making it all good around the website end of things. As well as integrating this with Discord (bot) and what not.

I'm aiming for a smooth integration between Website <-> Server <-> Discord. Hopefully, it will all be consistent, smooth, easy to use and nice! At least, it'll be an attempt to do something not many private servers have done before us.

I'm also aiming to complete my own forum software. That however will take shitload of time. A beta could potentially be released at a later point. The users end of my forum software is close to done. Which means, all I really have to do is make a integration between SlickBoard (my forum software) and IPB. That way users can post/read/browse the site from my forum software, while administrating happens from IPB. Well, those who prefer can of course use IPB over my forum software.

You might say this a lot of this stuff will be overkill for RSPS. While that is true, programming is also my passion. I consider this fun and will be doing this to have fun, while I get more experience and learn new things.

I hope that we can actually get this project up, succeed. Become a big and loving community, that has fun together.

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