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Nozemi's Introduction - Let's Kick This Off!

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So you're interested in knowing more about me? Well, I'm some geek from Norway. Programming is my passion, more specifically do I develop websites for a living. When I'm not at work, I tend to still do programming. What I program depends what I want to do, and what I want to learn.

When I'm not programming, I'm either lurking on the computer, watching TV shows (need to watch more of them...), driving or sleeping. Which means I'm usually around and reachable.

Now, considering I'm an admin and a developer here on Exorth, you may be interested in my experience. I'll add a list below:

I'm Comfortable With: Apache (Web Server), Linux (Ubuntu/Cent OS), MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and (S)CSS.

I can also do some GFX and I feel comfortable enough with Java to hack together some Java stuff.


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<3 Always a pleasure. 

Good luck with this! I'm interested.

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